Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post four: My Favorite Hunger Games Book.

Hello all! For this week's blog I will be discussing which of the three movies were my favorite to watch.  The first book set the scene for the Hunger Games universe. It was the basis for which the plot would take place.  Personally, I enjoyed the first book, but it left a lot of questions unanswered.  That is where the second book came in; Catching Fire was the best book in my opinion.  It really brought characters like Prim, Peeta and Haymitch into perspective.  They got the character development that they deserve.

The book also introduces characters like Finnik and Johanna as well as Beetee.  I particularly am taken with Finnik's character,  He hides his pain behind a very flirtatious and easy going persona.  When in reality, he is somewhat bitter, cynical and very troubled.  His love for Annie is what keeps him going. It gives him a reason to fight for his loved ones and to essentially say screw you to the Capital.  He is also a bonafide bad ass because of his skills with a trident.  Finnik goes on to become a good friend to Katniss.  His relationship with Peeta, however, is decent.

The Quarter Quell itself was a much better Hunger Game then the previous one.  I liked how it was much more dangerous then the last one.  The were more traps like the acid mist and blood rain.  The competitors were much more dangerous.  The stakes were even higher then when compared to the last one.    

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