Sunday, February 1, 2015

Entry One. Why I Chose the Hunger Games for my SIS.

Hello All! Welcome to my Hunger Games Blog!  Here I will discuss various topics about the novel/movie like sociology, history, political science, mythology, art, gender studies and other fascinating areas of study.                                                                                                                  

The Hunger Games was one of those novels that everyone is raving about so much that you have to check them out.  That is what happened with me.  I was originally reading the first book when I found out I could take an SIS on it.  It was really the perfect chance to learn more about the real world influences that helped shape the Hunger Games universe.  This way I could take a look at Suzanne Collins attempt at world building.  

My favorite characters in the book would have to be either Prim or Rue.  They are both adorable little girls who are forced to grow up prematurely in what I like to call a 'crap-sack world.'  A crap-sack world is a society, usually a dystopia, that is has gone to such ruin that it is not worth saving. Prim is forced to take on more responsibilities while Katniss is surviving the Hunger Games.  Rue came from a district reminiscent of a southern plantation. Though she small and somewhat shy, Rue makes up for this with her quick thinking, agility and trickery.  She misleads her opponents into thinking that she is weak because of her small stature.  In reality, this is Rue's greatest weapon as it allows her to be faster and more agile then her fellow competitors.    

So far the book has been a very grabbing read.  I'll just start reading it and next thing I'll know I've been reading for three hours straight.  The cast is quite diverse and is complex.  It'll be interesting to compare to the movie if I get the chance to see it.


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