Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Entry Six: Totalitarianism and the Hunger Games

Totalitarianism is defined as the total and absolute rule that a dictator has control over the state that he or she lords over. There are multiple ways to tell if there if a regime is totalitarian. One model which was designed by  two political scientists named Zbigniew Brzezinski and Carl J. Friedrich.  Their model is one of the official templates for political scientists to describe the signs of a totalitarian regime. They are:1. control over the mass media.
                                                  2.control over the military
                                                  3. an all embracing ideology.
                                                  4. Control over the state run economy
                                                  5.  A secret terrorist police force.
                                                  6.  A cult like worship of the government 
                                                  7.   Martial Law
                                                  8. A single political party in power

 The capital of Panam has control over all of these aspects of government,  They would use the power of the media to broadcast the Hunger Games and demonstrate the power that they held over Panam.  The Capitol has complete control over the military and an all embracing idiology of the Hunger Games themselves.  It is a reminder of the 12 district's failed rebellion during the Dark Days.  Their absolute control over the military allows them to enforce martial law.  Their all embracing ideology is the Hunger Games itself.  The tessare's are an example of control of the economy.  They enforce laws with their Peacekeepers.  And finally, the  lavish and fake lifestyle that the people in the capital live is almost like a cult itself.  They are trapped in their own little world.    

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reflection on other's blogs

Jeff's blog.

For this blog, I like how it is short, sweet and to the point.  The information is prevalent, shows that the blog writer has read the material and is very accurate in his writing.  In fact, the writing style is similar to my own.  I will be critiquing Jeff's second blog entry.  So far I agree with most if what is said in it.  I am in agreement with his description of Katniss and how she hides her emotion about her feelings with the Hunger Games.  

Manny's Blog.   

Wow, just wow with this one.  Really enjoy the background and the memes posted with each entry.  The entries are very thought provoking and insightful.  Especially the first one.  I like how the blog writer is able to relate to Peeta's predicament.  It just goes to show how well thought out the Hunger Game's characters are.  The style of writing is very honest and well thought out.  They are witty and interesting as well as thourough.  It  just goes to show that the blogger is very honest with his feelings.