Sunday, May 3, 2015

Final Post.

Over the semester I enjoyed taking this class the most out of all of the others.  The Hunger Games was probably the most enjoyable class I took all semester.  It really deconstructed the world of the Games trilogy created by Suzanne Collins.  Before this, I never even picked up the books or sat down to watch the movies.  Having learned the influences and inspirations only increased my understanding of the Hunger Games Universe and admiration of it.

So far, the readings have been extremely interesting, more then my other ones.  I found the readings on the Holocaust and dystopias especially poignant. Seeing how we are living in a country with signs of dystopian rule, it is a good point for discussion.  The idea of surviving is dual edged. There is living through the experience. Then there is living through the aftermath of it and the effects of the trauma that it brings.  I was also surprised at how Katniss was essentially a female Spartacus.  Having lead a rebellion takes a lot of work.  You can definitely see the Roman influences at work here.  Names like Plutarch and Cinna are Roman names for sure.  We also see the Colosseum at work here as well. The tributes show and the actual fighting is very similar to that off the actual ancient Roman one.