Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post four: My Favorite Hunger Games Book.

Hello all! For this week's blog I will be discussing which of the three movies were my favorite to watch.  The first book set the scene for the Hunger Games universe. It was the basis for which the plot would take place.  Personally, I enjoyed the first book, but it left a lot of questions unanswered.  That is where the second book came in; Catching Fire was the best book in my opinion.  It really brought characters like Prim, Peeta and Haymitch into perspective.  They got the character development that they deserve.

The book also introduces characters like Finnik and Johanna as well as Beetee.  I particularly am taken with Finnik's character,  He hides his pain behind a very flirtatious and easy going persona.  When in reality, he is somewhat bitter, cynical and very troubled.  His love for Annie is what keeps him going. It gives him a reason to fight for his loved ones and to essentially say screw you to the Capital.  He is also a bonafide bad ass because of his skills with a trident.  Finnik goes on to become a good friend to Katniss.  His relationship with Peeta, however, is decent.

The Quarter Quell itself was a much better Hunger Game then the previous one.  I liked how it was much more dangerous then the last one.  The were more traps like the acid mist and blood rain.  The competitors were much more dangerous.  The stakes were even higher then when compared to the last one.    

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Entry Three. Differences bwtween the movie and the book.

Hello All!  Hope you all are staying warm in this crazy Winter weather! For this this week's blog, I am going to discuss the differences between the movie and the book.  For starters, we see that the movie opens with Gale and Katniss hunting instead of  her awakening up in the hospital.  Another scene that is different is Mag's death.  In the movie, her death is not shown, merely confirmed when we, the audience, see her run off and hear the cannon.

Another big difference is Katniss not running into the fugitives from District 8. We do not get to view that in the movie. We also do not see much of Peeta, Haymitch and Katniss interacting with district 12 nor do we see their training.

The movie does not go into much detail about the effects of the fog that is used on the tributes. Finnik and Peeta never make any references to Katniss's fake baby.  There is not that much shown during the training sessions. Also, the scene with Gale being whipped ends up not including the extending consequences imposed on District 12. Also, Gale was whipped for assaulting the new Head Peacekeeper, Thread, when the bastard was attacking an old woman.

Finally, Katniss tried to scratch Haymitch in the book, while in the movie she slapped him while screaming and berating him for being an idiot.
Ok! I think I hit all the major points  In the words of Porky Pig: That's all folks (major stuttering).

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Entry two. The Movie Vs the Book.

Hi everyone!  For my second blog, I am going to discuss the differences between the first book and movie.  Now one of the main differences between the two is the amount of content that is covered.  Since the movie is based off of the book, it is bound to leave out a significant portion of the content covered.  The movie itself was about a little over two hours long so the producers could only fit in so much material.

The amount of differences of the movie compared to the book is a great amount.  I cannot cover all of them as it would take too much time.  I have decided to discuss what I think are the major differences between the two.

1.   President Snow plays a larger role in the movie then he does the first book.  Here he is seen giving speeches to the tributes.  He is also seen discussing strategies with the head game maker. He is also shown to be observing Katniss and Peeta's victory of the seventy fourth hunger game. It sets up his character as being malicious and cruel.

2.  The Cornucopia massacre is actually shown in detail then in the book. It gives the audience a better perspective of the violence that is faced.

3.  In the book, Katniss and Gale are described as having olive skin and black hair.  However, in the movie, they both have brown hair and a pallid complexion.

Well, that's all folks.  See you next time on my blog!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Entry One. Why I Chose the Hunger Games for my SIS.

Hello All! Welcome to my Hunger Games Blog!  Here I will discuss various topics about the novel/movie like sociology, history, political science, mythology, art, gender studies and other fascinating areas of study.                                                                                                                  

The Hunger Games was one of those novels that everyone is raving about so much that you have to check them out.  That is what happened with me.  I was originally reading the first book when I found out I could take an SIS on it.  It was really the perfect chance to learn more about the real world influences that helped shape the Hunger Games universe.  This way I could take a look at Suzanne Collins attempt at world building.  

My favorite characters in the book would have to be either Prim or Rue.  They are both adorable little girls who are forced to grow up prematurely in what I like to call a 'crap-sack world.'  A crap-sack world is a society, usually a dystopia, that is has gone to such ruin that it is not worth saving. Prim is forced to take on more responsibilities while Katniss is surviving the Hunger Games.  Rue came from a district reminiscent of a southern plantation. Though she small and somewhat shy, Rue makes up for this with her quick thinking, agility and trickery.  She misleads her opponents into thinking that she is weak because of her small stature.  In reality, this is Rue's greatest weapon as it allows her to be faster and more agile then her fellow competitors.    

So far the book has been a very grabbing read.  I'll just start reading it and next thing I'll know I've been reading for three hours straight.  The cast is quite diverse and is complex.  It'll be interesting to compare to the movie if I get the chance to see it.